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Welcome to PEDAL-RACKS. At this site you will find the most versatile and ergonomic pedalboards on the market today. The ONLY pedalboards with the patented folding rack system.   Boards are available with or without the folding rack system. The rack system is also quickly and easily removed by a pin and snap ring. Although basic standard boards are available, most boards are custom built to your specifications and needs. Most of the custom built boards come pre-wired with George L solder less 1/4" jacks and cable. We will also offer suggestions and idea's from the  many  types situations from professional  and non-professional players we've come across. 
   At Pedal-Racks we believe that a players pedals and effects are a very personal thing, and the effects you use are just as personal as the guitar you play and should be just as protected. All boards are built into a completely road-worthy anvil style cases, removable cover with take apart hinges, or latches, handles, rubber feet, steel corners and aluminum edging. Also available with removable pedalboards.   
 ....To make the setup of your pedals and rack gear as easy, simple and quick as possible.  While keeping them well protected in a road worthy anvil style case

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