Custom built in Power Supply

The custom built in power supply's are built to accommodate as much of the power requirements of you board as possible.
Typically they are built to handle 9vdc, 9vac (Whammy pedal), 12vdc, 12vac. We have found that some pedals like the larger Electro Harmonix pedals work best with their supplied power supply (usually 24v) and without adding any noise to your system. Courtesy outlets can be built right into the board as needed. For example TC Chorus or any ac wired pedal as well as any wall warts. We also use all custom right angle dc power plugs. 2.1mm and 2.5mm. 12ft AC power cables with a right angle IEC connector are supplied with you board. Other lengths are available by request. We will also install any power supply you want. Voodoo Labs Pedal Power, Juice Box, Dunlap DC Brick, etc.