True Bypass Strip
Available with pre-wired board or sold separately

     The main function of the bypass strip is to keep the pedals you are not using out of the signal chain until you want to use them, keeping those tone sucking pedals out of the signal chain. It also helps by semi-automating your pedaldboard putting access to most or all of your pedals right there in the front of the board. Options include; silent tuner switch, a master switch (bypassing everything sending the signal straight to the amp), tap tempo switch (momentary contact), A/B input, A/B/Y output, most amp channel switching, amp selector switch, and stereo loops. The strip is also available with a built in signal buffer. A 0-22db adjustable clean boost. The buffer  can be used to recover any signal loss you my be experiencing from long lengths of cable or it can be used as a lead boost.
Switch spacing is standard at 3 inches apart. Switches can be as far apart as you want and as close as 2 1/2".  At 2 1/2" you run the risk of hitting more than one switch at a time. Two switches can be placed right next to each other so a single step can hit both switches for a one on one off or both on/off. The strips are built from 1 3/4" boxed 1/8" thick super strong natural or anodized black aluminum. Red LED is standard, Blue, Yellow, Green, available at $2.50 ea. The length of the strip is determined by the number of switches times 3" or whatever distance apart you decide on. The strip uses standard 9vdc neg tip barrel type connector to power the LED's only

NEW STEREO DESIGN - Allows true stereo operation for consecutive stereo pedals

Using stereo loops
Many stereo pedals are built with one in and two outs (left, right). The problem is when you want to use more than one of these type of stereo pedal. One of the outputs from the first pedal will go to the input of the next pedal leaving nowhere for the other output to go. The stereo loop is designed to help with this issue. Each stereo loop has one send and two returns allowing true stereo imaging from any individually activated stereo pedal to get carried to two main outputs. If you have more than one stereo loop in your strip and more than one are activated, the true stereo image will only come from the last activated loop in the chain. The previous pedals are automatically reduced to mono signal. Deactivating the last stereo loop in the strip will automatically reinstate the stereo image from the previous  stereo pedal.


                                               Custom Double Strip